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Category: Landlord/Tenant

Injunction granted against landlord

8th January

The landlord of a well-known Dublin guesthouse has barricaded himself inside the premises and has refused to let anyone in, the High Court heard yesterday.

Desmond Killoran, who owns the Leeson Bridge Guest House at Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, last week occupied the guesthouse’s reception hall and has nailed shut the front and rear doors and the emergency fire exit.

The court heard Mr Killoran claims the terms of a lease agreement he entered into with the guesthouse’s operator, Derek Byrne, has been breached. Mr Byrne, who for the last number of years has operated the 19-room guesthouse which caters for 38 guests and employs about nine staff, denies that claim.

Mr Byrne, in an affidavit, said Mr Killoran has taken this action in a bid to prevent receivers, appointed last month by AIB over Mr Killoran’s interest in the premises, from collecting … Read More »