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Sorting out your loved ones estate

There are a number of issues of concern to family members, Executors/ Administrators and Beneficiaries immediately following the death of family members or friends. We can attend to the legal formalities following a death:

  • Arranging with the deceased’s bank for prompt payment of the funeral expenses
  • Gathering information, calculations for the completion of the Revenue Returns prior to the application to the Probate Office, filling Inland Revenue Affidavit in the Revenue Commissioners and the issuing of Certificates of High Court to the solicitor in respect of same.
  • Application for Grant of Probate in cases where a person dies having made a will
  • Application for Grant of Administration in cases where a person dies without having made a will.
  • Examination of rights of those entitled to the property of the deceased
  • Examination of rights of spouse and rights of children arising as a result of the deceased having made a will or having died intestate
  • Completing Capital Acquisitions Tax (Gift, Inheritance and Discretionary Trust tax) returns for the Revenue Commissioners and obtaining Certificates of clearance and/ or discharge from the Revenue Commissioners in respect of same.
  • Liquidation of assets, payment of debts and liabilities.
  • Administration and Distribution of the Estate according to the terms of the Will or according to the Rules of Intestacy.

Set out below is a brief outline as to how Estate Administrations are conducted in accordance with the Succession Act 1965.